Aug. 17th, 2007 07:33 am
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Going to New York tonight for the CD release part of Alta Mira's EP, on which I did a small amount of engineering. I hear there's going to be pie.

In other news, finally got the new John Vanderslice album yesterday. I'm going to listen to it on the first time on the way to work. I'm as happy as a little girl!
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Happy birthday to [profile] gameboyguy13 and [personal profile] bluejayway, whose birthdays are today and tomorrow, respectively. Yes, I'm lazy for doing a two-fer. Meh. Sue me.

Leos Represent!
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[profile] shrubtree and I watched the RiffTrax version of Star Trek 5 last night. First of all... holy sweet mother of butt, I forgot how terrible Star Trek 5 is. Jesus! That was some seriously low-budget weird campy shit. Secondly, Rifftrax = win, as long as you can get it all synced up right. Next up, Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze!
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So apparently it's like everyone's birthday today. So to all of you on my flist whose birthday it is, have a really supremely awesome birthday!
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Just got home from playing a show with the Belnel Dogs. I feel like I've been swimming with my clothes on. Also, my right index and middle fingers are now horrible oozing stumps. I hate you, Milkman Dan.

Pictures to follow.


Jul. 25th, 2007 07:20 pm
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Thank you so much to everyone who posted birthday wishes!!

[profile] shrubtree and I went to Dali, which is a Tapas place near where we live. We had all sorts of crazy stuff, including lamb, quail, and some sort of fried cheese, honey and onion concoction that was real nice. It was also two other dudes' birthdays at the same time. Thankfully [profile] shrubtree decided not to publicly embarrass me.
At work people kept giving me cupcakes all day (in addition to the virtual cupcake [profile] lady_angelina gave me). Score!
Anyway, I'm apparently 27 now. It feels pretty OK, I guess.
I'm also going to the Simpsons movie with some work friends on Friday!

And now back to doing LJ support while eating irregular jelly beans.
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When I first started on LiveJournal, I thought NSFW stood for No Sleep For the Wicked.

I need sleep.
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Pursuant to this post, here are answers to two more iterations of Mr. Interview Meme.

Cut for your convenience )
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Hey everybody, it's that special time again. I've gotten tagged by this a couple times before, but it's always a fun one.

So here's how it works (for those of you who haven't done it umpty-bazillion times already): If you want me to interview you, comment on this thingy, and I'll respond with some questions. You then post the answers to these questions in your journal, and the cycle begins anew. Also, if you feel like asking me questions of your own, have at it.

(waves at new spr0t people)

Answers behind the cut )

Hooray MA!

Jul. 8th, 2007 02:05 am
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I am returned from Ohio, land of infrequent internet access and copious pseudo-familial obligations. Do not be alarmed if I comment on something from last week. Sleepy now.
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In Ohio now. We saw a deer and her fawn on the way in last night. The fawn was so startled by the car that he totally did a Bambi-legs-splayed-out fall-down thing. Then he ran around the car while his mother eyed us distrustfully. I never knew deer made noises, but the fawn made little "peep peep" squeaky-toy noises as he ran by the car.

In case you didn't guess, we're in the fucking boonies. I'm surprised they've got internets here. Woo!
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Hey everyone,

How's everybody doing tonight?

I'm thinking about creating a couple new filters on my LiveJournal dealy. This poll is to find out if you any of y'all would be interested in being added to them. Also, this will give anyone the opportunity to let me know if there's anything I write about that makes their face melt off. As per usual with these things, no umbrage taken for not wanting to opt in, yadda yadda, nothing personal, etc. Comments are screened, so go nuts!

[Poll #1010832]
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Went to Six Flags with [personal profile] idonotlikepeas today. It was hella awesome, once we figured out how to sit down on a bus. I know many of you have us both on your flists, so I will try not to repeat too much of the craziness from today.

You can't tell from this picture, but there are actually 7 flags on top of this thing:

(The last twenty feet are heavily soundproofed(haha, I said feet))

For some reason I have paradoxical ride phobia. I'm actually more scared by the gondola and bumper cars than I am of roller coasters and such. The gondola I think is because at least roller coasters have the whole "moving fast" thing to distract you from the fact that you're high up in the air, whereas the whole point of the gondola is for you to look around and see how far away the ground is (I wonder if it'll be friends with me). I'm scared of bumper cars because of the first time I rode on one. It was back when Six Flags was still Riverside. I think I was like 10 or 11? And I ended up getting stuck in the corner almost immediately ("you're doing it wrong!"). After a few minutes of ineffectual flailing at the steering wheel, there was a horrible noise and I was covered with a blinding shower of sparks from above. The entire ride stopped and everyone looked at me. I was fine. But yeah, no bumper cars.

Anyway, here is a picture I took from the gondola when I could manage to tear one of my hands away from white-knuckling the oh-shit bars.


Jun. 20th, 2007 09:05 pm
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So for some reason several of my coworkers have developed a weird habit. Every time they walk by my cube they say my name in this weird half-monster, half Timmy from Southpark voice. I don't know where this came from, or why they seem to think it's so funny. It's kind of creepy, especially since one of my managers walked by my cube like 4 times in an hour and did it every time, laughing more each time. On the other hand, it's strangely awesome.

In other news, my laptop CD drive has taken my new Sleepytime Gorilla Museum CD and refused to either read it or spit it out. Now whenever my laptop is open it makes intermittent horrible wheezing clicking motions. Give my CD back, you spiteful whore!
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OK, it's meme time. Been a little while since I done did one of these here memey things. So here goes: Comment to this entry listing one (or more if you feel like it) thing that you like about me, and one (let's make it two) thing(s) you like about yourself. There now, isn't that all warm and squishy? That means it's time for Depends...
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Played a last-minute show last night with the Belnel Dogs. I was a hired-gun bassist on their EP. Their bassist couldn't make the show for some dumbass reason, so I practiced with them once and played a show the next night. Got paid a decent amount as well. Woo!
The show itself was pretty... interesting. It was a cancer benefit for a former drummer of this band Liquid Chaos, who are apparently a Janes Addiction / Sublime cover band. For some reason their fans didn't take well to the Belnel Dogs' Veddery neo-classic rock. I thought I played better than I did when I was actually playing with the band, despite the fact that I spent most of the show standing on a cinder block that had been placed in front of the kick drum (the drummer has a bad case of slidey kick drum). I also managed to give myself a huge blood blister. Yummy!

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So Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is my new favorite band ever. My friend Ben invited me to their show at the last minute on Sunday at the Middle East Down.

*Damn you, serial comma!
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This is the meme where you post explanations to 3 interests and 3 userpics from your profile. If you would like me to ask you about your interests and userpics, comment on this dealy.

feminine hygiene products: I think I originally put this on here because I thought it would be an interest nobody or few other people would have, then left it on here to be able to see the kind of people who would have this interest.

not filk: When [personal profile] idonotlikepeas told me about filk I remember being mildly horrified. I guess I don't really have a huge problem with it, but for some reason I like having an interest that is both a singleton and a negative.

conspicuous lack of Olaf Stapledon: I actually had not heard of Olaf Stapledon. I heard about Lem and Cordwainer Smith from two different people, neither of whom had read or meantioned Olaf Stapledon. Is there a good book to start on with him? I haven't read me some good science fiction in a while...

This is some weird Mayan thing I stumbled on while looking for tattoo ideas. I've never actually found an occasion to use it on a post or comment, but it's kinda neat.

This was my halloween costume the year before last (last year was Kevin Federline and [profile] shrubtree was pregnant drunk Britney Spears) - the basic concept was just bad drag queen, but when I wore it to work for some reason they thought I was dressed up as some sort of horrible version of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I won some sort of prize, and got to make people feel uncomfortable at the same time. Someone mentions this at work at least once a week, even though it was over a year ago. Not much happens at Blue Cross.

This was an abortive attempt at a cat macro; I keep meaning to reupload it with more of a border so it doesn't look so fucked up. This is something [profile] shrubtree and I imagine the cat is saying when we come up after being gone for days on end and don't have any turkey.


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