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1. I hate having a cold. Worst of all is the beginning of being sick, that kind of weird greasy spacy feeling where every movement is uncomfortable but my throat and head hurt too much to sleep. Blech.
2. Have started posting screen comments for LJ support, still pretty n00by. Am very surprised by the amount of weird porno spam that gets posted to the support board. WTF, internets?
3. Helping [profile] shrubtree with this library school project. She's indexing both Found books. Pretty crazy. I never realized when indexing that you're supposed to alphabetize numbers as if they were written out (i.e. 16 Candles would go after Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and before Spoon). I don't know why but that seems really weird.
4. I think I have a fever. I hope that this entry is in English and I don't find out tomorrow that I was really writing about multicolored ocelots.

Is my little mood icon throwing up? That's awesome.
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So I fell asleep at 6:30pm yesterday and woke up at like 11pm. I had like 6 missed calls on my cellphone, but for some reason Verizon wouldn't let me into my voicemail. I tried to check my email but I had no internet service. I turned on the TV and they were repeating news from earlier in the day. Sometimes I have this irrational fear that I somehow missed the apocalypse, and that I'll wake up in the morning and the world will have gone away. About 10 minutes and a router reset later I was connected to the world again and I felt better. But still, I hate that crap. It just goes to show, I should never change my sleep schedule because it always does weird things to my brain.

This reminded me of the time I overdosed on Pez, fell asleep really early, and then woke up at 3 in the morning with a blinding headache and started getting ready for school. I was showered and fully clothed before I realized it was still dark out. I have issues.


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