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I would also like to mention that the new studio I'm working at is so fucking badass.
My boss just bought some new pre-amps and 2 8-fader expansion packs for his ProControl. I'm sure this means nothing to most of you. But still. Sweet!

The management would like to apologize for the excessive links.
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It's official, we're going to move the fuck out of Jamaica Plain. Mostly it's because Quincy is too far away, but partly it's this weird vibe that JP has. People in JP are very anti-big business. I can respect this. The main businesses on Centre St. have been trying to keep Starbucks and the Gap and who knows what-all else out of the neighborhood for years, which is fine.
But last week, Zipcar announced that they were pulling out 2/3rds of their cars because there wasn't enough interest. People flipped the fuck out. There was an editorial in our local paper about how Zipcar hates freedom, and how they would rather take their business to wealthy "suburbs" like Cambridge or Somerville. Hello! JP is a wealthy suburb, dumbass! And Cambridge and Somerville, last I checked, were actually urban areas for the most part.
There's just this weird sense of entitlement from people who used to be hippies but are now really wealthy and ready to retire or run their used-shoe boutique or whatever. It's hard to listen to this kind of stuff from people have gentrified the neighborhood and pushed the remaining Hispanic population into the vicinity of Meatland and the Jackson Square projects.
Also, JP is probably one of the highest rent area codes in the country, considering Boston's rents are like, what, 3rd highest? And JP's definitely up there compared to a lot of other neighborhoods around here.
Anyway, fuck this shit.


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