Feb. 21st, 2008 09:21 pm
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Ugh. Got some sort of horrible cold/virus thing. I actually left work early today, and am probably not going in tomorrow... which is just as well, since we're supposed to get like 10 inches of snow or some bullshit. And now to curl up under several blankets and watch season 2 of House on DVD.

Best/worst bumpersticker spotted the other day: "Hang up your cellphone. If you need directions call Jesus".
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These are some excerpts from the index I'm typing for [profile] shrubtree for her library class project doodle...

aging hippies volleyball, II:93
antidisestablishmentarianism, II:92
barf, I:161
barf bag, I:119
bathroom problems, I:56
black ass, II:129
Blitzer, Wolf, I:45
...letter about, I:207
...letter to, I:60, 107 Hell, II:183
cat, practice on, I:14
cock. see penis.
crap, taking a, I:246
Hamburglar, II:184
lobster, sex with, I:112
man porn, I:3
metal hands, II:127
naked, getting, II:32
pillow o' Satan, II:216
...about basketball, I:133 friend, I:161
...about Jesus, I:39
...for Valentine, I:81 Ypsilanti All-Starz, I:153
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1. I hate having a cold. Worst of all is the beginning of being sick, that kind of weird greasy spacy feeling where every movement is uncomfortable but my throat and head hurt too much to sleep. Blech.
2. Have started posting screen comments for LJ support, still pretty n00by. Am very surprised by the amount of weird porno spam that gets posted to the support board. WTF, internets?
3. Helping [profile] shrubtree with this library school project. She's indexing both Found books. Pretty crazy. I never realized when indexing that you're supposed to alphabetize numbers as if they were written out (i.e. 16 Candles would go after Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and before Spoon). I don't know why but that seems really weird.
4. I think I have a fever. I hope that this entry is in English and I don't find out tomorrow that I was really writing about multicolored ocelots.

Is my little mood icon throwing up? That's awesome.


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