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Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

And there was sausage.

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And with a sigh, he trudged out to the lawn and replaced the blood-soaked "Now Hiring" sign.
Just imported this over from LJ. Still figuring out what I want to do with it! About me: I'm 36, cishet white dude, married. I have two dogs and two cats. I live in Durham, North Carolina, and am currently not super happy about our state politics. I have a vaguely tech-y job, I play in a couple rock bands, and I'm the music director of Sunday Assembly Chapel Hill, a secular church-ish community.

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acoustics, altruism, cats, democracy, doom, feminism, greyhounds, kindness, more cats, music theory, neapolitan sixths, playing bass, post-metal, post-theism, prestige television, recording music, secular community, singers with weird voices, skepticism, still more cats, stringed instruments, sunday assembly, the mountain goats, utilitarianism, wonder
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